Laser Processing Head PH30-compact

Compact and light weight processing head,
robust, ergonomic and industry proven design.

The PH30-compact is optimized for industrial applications where space is limited and minimum moving masses are required. With a large variety of collimators and focusing lenses the PH30-compact can be adapted to various cutting, welding or drilling applications. The optionally integrated IR illumination guarantees an excellent viewing quality independent of the surrounding light conditions.

  • Built to deliver maximum precision in medical, electronics, watch and other micro applications.
  • Based on the industry proven FLBK60 Lasag developed a compact and light weight processing head for standard industrial applications.
  • Minimum weight starting from 1,1 kg
  • Flexible high precision laser processing head for welding, cutting, drilling or scribing applications.
  • Robust, ergonomic and industry proven design. 

Technical Specifications PH30-compact

Wavelength1055 - 1070 nm
Power Rating≤ 3000 W
Laser interfaceQB fiber connector
Focal length welding50, 100, 150, 200 mm
Focal length cutting100, 150 mm
Collimator focal length50, 100, 150 mm
Weight (dependent on configuration)1.1 - 2.5 kg
Focal spot diameter> 10 μm
Range+/- 5 mm
Accuracy0.01 mm
Focussing range+/- 10 mm
Camera adapterC-Mount
Assist gas supply
Connectionpush-in fitting, Ø 6 mm
Max. pressure20 bar
0° beam guidance instead of 90° (standard)
C-Mount adapter for CCD cameras (BNC or USB interface)
Internal IR light source